Saturday, January 06, 2007

one of the greatest abuses of eminent domain in our country’s history

H.M. Cliser owned a filling station. He had lived with his wife for 35 years in the house that his father had built. After Clisler was handcuffed and forced into the back of a police car, his wife and children refused to leave the porch of their house, even after the police had boarded it up. They all eventually moved in with family. Cliser appealed his eviction until he died at age 75.

John Mace had sold water that he bottled from a spring on his property. When he refused to leave his property, the police piled all of his furniture and his belongings in his yard and then burned his house down in front of him to let him know there was no chance of return.

Lizzie Jenkins was five months pregnant when the police dragged her from her home, piled her belongings in horse-drawn wagons, and pulled her chimney down so that she would have no source of heat for the upcoming winter.

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Thanks for sharing this on your blog. He was a distant relative. Here's a more detailed story that incident on H.M. Cliser -
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