Sunday, February 12, 2006

GumboFilé's Top Ten Ways to be a Big Loser

I don't often blog about myself directly and personally but in the last six weeks I've been motivated to lose, so far, 20 pounds.

Before the holidays, due to some "wellness screening" at work, I became concerned about my blood pressure and cholesterol. I went to my doctor a few days later. He told me to lose some weight and see him again in a few weeks. He advised me to eat breakfast every day and walk every day. I wasn't going to not celebrate during the holidays so I didn't lose any weight during that period but neither did I gain.

On January 3, thirty of us at work put up $10 each to kick off a "Big Loser" contest. After three months the pot will be split between the loser of the most pounds and the loser of the most percentage of weight. By the way, I'm going to win.

How am I doing it?

GumboFilé's Top Ten Ways to Reduce Weight, Blood-Pressure, and Cholesterol

10. Gain at least 50 pounds before the first weigh-in.
9. Get freaked-out by "the wellness dude".
8. Bet thirty of your friends $10 each on who will lose the most weight.
7. Eat a sensible breakfast (no donuts) every day.
6. Eat a banana and an orange for lunch (instead of fried, fast food).
5. Drink water instead of soft drinks.
4. Walk thirty minutes each day with ankle weights.
3. Eat a sensible supper (no huge portions, no seconds).
2. Drink one or two Sam Adams Light beers (or glasses of red wine) a night.
1. Don't eat a pound of fig bars and drink a gallon of milk at bedtime.

I'm doing a few other things as well. I've cut back on things like salt and mayo. I snack less and I snack more healthy. I avoid dessert. I drink less coffee. I send donuts to people who have lost more weight than I have.

I do deviate and indulge once or twice a week but I try to be sensible.

At the time of the wellness screening I weighed 246, my BP was 162/98 (normally it had been around 140/90), and my total cholesterol was 243. As of now I weigh 226, my BP is 118/80, and my TC is 190. My doctor is very pleased and very impressed. So am I.

I recently gave up cigars so I could get a reduce health care premium. If I win the Big Loser contest I might use the proceeds to pay the additional premium so I can smoke cigars.

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