Sunday, June 22, 2008

in memorium

Just a few of the folks I would have liked to have seen at Rosie's wedding,

Martha Frances and Joe, Aunt Gertie, John and Jane, Mrs Yeargan, Aunt Elnora and Uncle Gilbert, Uncle Buck, Ron, Lenny, JJ, Gerald, Keith, Matt, Dean, but mostly, John Edd and Sibyle, grandparents of the bride.

May we all be reunited at the last wedding.

Please add any names I left out.

a wedding toast

To the bride and groom

Alec and Rosie

Lieutenant and Mrs Alec M

May you always celebrate each other

May you always overflow with holy joy

May you always be filled with Godly exuberance

May you always live sacrificial lives

May you always know Christian liberty

May you resolve now, and discover together how, by God's grace, to always live in this way

Alec M, love your wife

Rosalie M, love your husband

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