Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Bianca is our dog. We got her three years ago from Animal Aid in Lafayette.


We had just moved from Lake Charles and she was kind of a bribe for our then high-school age younger daughter for moving her from her friends. A lot of good things have happened for her as a result of the move so I think she has forgiven me.

We were told that Bianca was found in Cow Island in Vermilion Parish. People that seem to know what they are talking about have told us that she has the features of a Maltese. We have found pictures of the breed and must agree. However, since we don't really know her lineage, we tell folks that she is of the hybrid line known as the Cow Island Marsh Terrier. She likes to bark...a lot...loudly. She has a very sharp, piercing bark. Standing too close can cause hearing loss.

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