Sunday, May 22, 2005


The younger of my two daughters graduated from high school yesterday. She finished third in her class and gave a very good speech about the tenure of her class and about the transition through which they will all now be going. She received the Woodmen of the World Award, the Knights of Columbus Award, The American Legion Award, the Principal's Leadership Award, and the World Transformed for Christ Award. She also participated in giving the charge to the next class. I am just as proud as I was four years ago when her older sister graduated. Both finished at the top of their respective classes with additional awards and acknowledgements. I'm most proud of their mother, who gave them most of their primary school education at home. In addition, I'm grateful for my wife's parents. They obviously did something right. Finally, I'm also proud of my wife's great aunt. She reminded us that she had graduated on the same date, exactly eighty years earlier.

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