Sunday, April 17, 2005

To Keep and Bear Arms

I was recently exposed to an unreasonable prejudice against private ownership of firearms. This is certainly not a rare occurance, nor do I think that there is such a thing as a reasonable prejudice against the private ownership of firearms. Prejudice against private ownership of firearms cannot be argued from reason.

The main purpose of private ownership of firearms is as insurance against dangers, common and uncommon. Just this week some former neighbors were walking their dog when it was attacked by a Pit Bull. Dog and owners survived but not without medical attention. The outcome may not have differed much had the owners been armed, but the situation would have almost certainly ended sooner and with fewer injuries.

The reason our founders put the 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution was as a check against a less common danger, tyranny. Our founders believed in the Biblical doctrine of the total depravity of man. They knew that all men are capable of tyranny, if allowed by circumstances. Historically, disarmament of people has always been followed by tyranny. One follows the other as day follows night. The more the government is allowed to determine who can own what firearms, the closer we get to tyranny.

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