Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Equal Time

I've started a second blog, called Equal Time. Check it out, especially if you're interested in the municipal broadband debate. To get there you can click on the title of this post.

This is my first time reviewing any of the websites and online information concerning the Lafayette fiber optics initiative and I was appaulled at the childlike behavior displayed in these Pro Fiber websites! Especially, the one that contained the Artworks section and displayed anti-Bellsouth symbols on bumper stickers and t-shirts! I must say that I am a PROUD employee of Bellsouth and it makes me angry to see these types advertisements. I am also proud that I work for a company that has more integrity than to stoop that low. I also read articles where they were accusing a Bellsouth employee that attended to a Neighborhood watch meeting of knowing beforehand about the "POLL" that was conducted. I have to laugh at that comment, because people think because we work there, we have the inside information on these issues! Alot of what we know about the issue is mostly what we hear on the news, newspapers and I guess for me now, on these websites. (Well I won't be getting any info from the Daily Advertiser anymore, I cancelled my subscription, it angers me that that they have actually taken a side in a situation like this.) But, my question is how can LUS start out asking for $100 million in bonds and go up to asking for $135 million and still say that they can offer their services at the same price as when they were asking for $100 million? It just doesn't add up. I am sooo glad that I do not live in the city of Lafayette and at the same time I feel sorry for the people who do, because if this initiative passes they will be paying for it for years to come.
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