Tuesday, March 22, 2005

An Unrighteous People

I was just watching the news and saw the latest on the crusade to murder Terri Schiavo. That coverage segued to coverage of an ambush in Iraq. Both of these stories displayed national sin.

Our civil government no longer protects the weakest among us, which is one of the few legitimate functions of a civil government. Most of us can protect ourselves. It's the weak that need the protection of the state.

In the story from Iraq, I saw more than one woman speaking of her experience in harm's way on behalf of the state. This is shameful. Only an unrighteous people would send its women to fight its wars. We are an unrighteous people committing aggression against a people who did not attack or threaten us.

My ultimate allegience is to Jesus Christ. Many of our political and military leaders and soldiers are not Christian. Many Iraqi are Christian.

I have decided that my pro-life protests must extend beyond unborn Americans to include all judicially innocent people, even if they are Iraqi, especially if they are brothers and sisters in Christ.

wow youre "all things louisiana"!! if you check out my blog- in the archives are shots from the la folk life festival 04. its in the 09-12-04 archives page in the sidebar. enjoy! like your blog!
Thank you for your kind comments. I definitely appreciate and love our homeland. I checked out your blog. Nice photos.
During the 30 years plus that I taught 5th Grade, I would often ask my class of 35,
"Boys and girls, if 1 = 0 what does 35 = ?" A wrong answer got an "F Grade."

If they said,"Zero," they got an "A."

America's human value system is based on the value of each Individual person; One.
If One equals Zero what will 160 million be worth?

Abortion/cannibalism is devaluing each and every individual in our Country including you
and me -- and each One in our families -- and each Individual American.

Terri is now being used to teach that each individual is in greater jeopardy. She is being
placed there by law. Law which is minimal in describing human worth (and non-worth) in a
civilized society.

Law raises no maxim high standard but only a minimum definition -- not the highest.
Ethics and morality are higher standards which are not being used in Terri's protection
because lawyers and judges revere law as the highest standard. It is not. It is the
least standard. Grade: F

"Woe unto you lawyers and judges!" Your stewardship before The Creator is non-existent.
The Lord God will not be mocked. As you sow you will reap. Legalists are individuals and
will be weighed in the balances of their own choosing.

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