Tuesday, January 18, 2005

New Orleans Saints

Regarding "investing" our tax dollars in the New Orleans Saints, most people agree that Louisiana is one of the poorest states in the US. We're certainly the poorest state with an NFL franchise.

It's becoming evident that Louisiana may no longer have what it takes to feasibly sustain a franchise in today's NFL. We certainly can't justify one of the poorest states in the US making multimillion dollar welfare payments to one of the richest men in the state.

We're the only state directly subsidizing an NFL franchise.

It doesn't matter whether or not the Saints allow their books to be examined by the state. If the Saints can't be profitable without our tax dollars, they shouldn't be in Louisiana. Though some otherwise reputable economists may contend that the Saints return more money to the economy than they receive from the taxpayers, most that say this (if not all) are in some manner beholden to the Saints, and they ignore the lost opportunities costs of the forfeited tax dollars. In addition, for every economist that favors the Saints, there is another that would reach an opposing conclusion. It certainly isn't a slam dunk that the city or the state gets a net benefit from the Saints being in New Orleans.

Even if it could be proven that New Orleans and Louisiana get a net benefit from the Saints, it would still be immoral to take money by force from you and me to give to them.

Twenty-eight other states are doing just fine without the NFL. Louisiana can do without the NFL as well.

N'awlins gets a boost because the rest of the state is subsidising the Saints and they reap what ever jobs and revenue there may be. The rest of the state's tax payers are getting screwed.

Send them away. Perhaps whe can get Mississippi to take New Orleans and the Saints.
I think I'll dig out my old trusty "Saint's Fan" paper bag.
It's not fair that the fair community of CutOff doesn't have their own NFL franchise. Maybe Gov Kathy could come up with a creative financing plan to make the "CutOff Cretins" a reality!
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